Preema Lemon Flavouring Essence 28ml

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Прима Есенция Лимон


Preema brand food essence is a high quality product. This vanilla essence will bring great taste to any recipe. Best used for cakes, cookies, boiled sweets, creams, icing and fudge. Only a drop is needed to release its flavour and aroma
Usage guide: The quantity of flavouring used is a matter fot personal choice, but the list following is given for your guidance. Add cautiously for best results. Cakes up to 2 teaspoons per kilo. Boiled Sweets; Biscuits up to 3 teaspoons per kilo. Creams, Fondants, Icing, Fudge, up to 1 teaspoon per kilo.
Ingredients: Propylene glycol, approved flavouring and water
Съдържание: Пропилен гликол, одобрени аромати, Водa;
Подходящо за вегетарианци;
Без алкохол.
Дозировка: Кексове; до 2 ч. л./кг., Варени сладки и бисквити до 3 ч.л/кг, Кремове, Фондан, Глазура и Фъдж до 1 ч.л/кг; 
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