KTC Coconut Oil 250ml


KTC Coconut Oil

नारियल तेल, кокосово масло



नारियल तेल, кокосово масло

KTC coconut oil is the cheap alternative to other forms of coconut virgin oils, but exhibiting the very great qualities attributable to the purecoconut oil. It is a 100% pure, refined coconut oil and free of anyhydrogenation process and hexane is not involved in its refining process.

KTC coconut oil can be considered to be the cheaper alternative of therefined coconut oils, but having the same amazing properties of the mediumchain fatty acids. It is normally manufactured through the RBD (RefinedBleached and Deodorized) process.

Uses and benefits of the KTC coconut oil

Like many high quality coconut oils, KTC coconut oil has a number offunctions which guarantee great results, if taken orally or applied topically. This emanates from the awesome properties that are contained in the coconut itself. What makes KTC coconut oil to stand is the fact that; though refined,it is devoid of the hydrogenation process that mainly defines some coconut oilsin the market. Hexane also makes no appearance in the refinery process of this oil. Add this to the fact that it is cheaper than many refined coconut oils, then you have a unique coconut oil that is also rarely defined by the coconut smell since it rarely smells of coconut. Some of the functions, uses and benefits of KTC coconut oil are explained as follows:

  • KTC coconut oil is not harmful to your health
  • KTC coconut oil empowers you to loose weight
  • KTC coconut oil helps you to stop sugar cravings and prevent energy slumps
  • KTC coconut oil is the ideal oil for cooking
  • KTC is both an anti-viral and anti-fungal
  • KTC coconut oil is anti-inflammatory
  • KTC coconut oil can correct thyroid complications
  • KTC coconut oil is the Apex of skin care
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