Elite Wheat Puttupodi 1kg

8906007250603 1kg

 Елит Пшенично Путуподи


Puttu is Kerala's favorite breakfast dish. Wheat Puttu is a steamed dish made from fine wheat flour layered with grated coconut. It is the healthiest way to start your day. Wheat is rich in iron and dietary fibrs and is a rich source of energy. Elite Wheat Puttupodi is made from fine quality wheat powdered to perfection, retaining the texture required to make fine, tasty and healthy puttu for you to enjoy.

Ingredient: Whole Wheat Flour

Recipe: Wet the puttupodi with sufficient quantity of water and salt. Mix for 5 minutes to obtain desired consistency. Keep the mix for 5 minutes. Transfer the mix into Puttukutti with coconut gratings as per the photographs in the front side of the pack. Place the Puttukkuti on a plessure cooker/steaming vessel and steam for 3-5 minutes. Puttu is ready when the steam is seen on the puttukutti. Push out the cakes from the Puttukutti onto a plate.

Брашно за приготвяне на кекс;

Съдържание: пълнозърнесто пшенично брашно;

Без консерванти;

Високо съдържание на фибри;
Начин на приготвяне: Намокрете сместа с достатъчно количество вода и сол. Месете 5 мин за да получите желаната консистенция. Оставете сместа настрани за 5мин. Оформете във форма както е показано на картинката отпред и поръсете с кокосови стърготини. Поставете кекса в съд за готвене под налягане/съд за готвене на пара и гответе 3-5мин;

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