ROYAL THAI Black Glutinous Rice 1Kg

C336SC 1Kgkg

Роял Тайл Черен Лепкав Ориз


Black Sticky Rice (kao neow domin Thai) is sometimes labeled Indonesian black rice, black (or purple or red) glutinous rice, sweet, or waxy rice. It is not the whole-grain version of white sticky rice, but rather a unique variety of rice.

Black Glutinous Rice goes by an abundance of names: Black sticky rice, sweet rice and Indonesian Black rice. It is an unpolished whole grain rice variety that has a sweet nutty and earthy taste and is used widely in Indonesian cooking. Because of its natural sweetness, Black sticky rice is most popularly used to create mouthwatering puddings which can be served, like porridge, for breakfast or as a decadent after dinner treat. While it is most commonly thought to be black, the bran of Black sticky rice is actually a deep and rich burgundy colour!


Blood booster – Black rice has a high iron content

Traditional medicine – It is used as traditional medicine in China. It has lowest levels of carbohydrates, rich in fiber and amino acids

It can help with the treatment for healthy kidney function

Prevents premature aging

Cleaning cholesterol


Роял Тайл Черен Лепкав Ориз 1кг
Инструкции за приготвяне: За 4 човека: Накиснете 2 чаши от ориза в топла вода за 8 часа. Измийте два пъти ориза с вода; Гответе на пара със средна температура за 20 мин, обърнете ориза. Продължете готвенетон а пара за още 20 мин.
Изключете, оставете орица покрит за 10мин; Съхранявайте на хладно <7 С; 
Произход: Тайланд;


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