Tetley Tea Bags 160s / Чай Тeтли пакетчета чай черен

TTB160 500kg

Tetley Tea Bags 

Чай Тeтли, चाय


Tetley Tea Bags, चाय

Naturally rich in antioxidants...

Carefully sourced... tea leaves from Africa and Assam create the unique Tetley colour and taste.

100% Natural... Tetley tea leaves are simply picked, cut and dried – nothing is added!

Skillfully tasted... each Tetley blend is quality-tasted at least 8 times.

Expertly blended... to our Tetley recipe. It has to be just the right colour, taste, brightness and full of body.

The result?... A great tasting cuppa that’s been a nation’s favourite for 175 years

Available in 40s, 80s, 160s and 240s



Чай Тeтли 160 торбички



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