Mini Black Pepper Papadoms Top Op 200g

J904 200kg

Mini Black Pepper Papads  Top-Op


Ingredients: Urid Dal, Black Pepper, Salt, Papadkhar (Sodium Bicarbonate), Asafoetida, Edible Oil.

Cooking Method:

Heat Oil in a medium size pan

Drop Top-Op Mini Black Pepper Papad in Oil

Remove Black Pepper Papad immediately as it fries instantly

Allow excess Oil to drain / use paper Towel

Serve Black Pepper Papads with your choice of Pickles and Chutney
Alternate Method: Place the papadoms on a plate and put them into a microwave. Heat the papadoms for less than 30 seconds. The papadoms are nice 'n' crispy and oil free!!!

Product of India. 
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