Mini Plain Papads Top Op 200g

J904B 200kg

Mini Plain Papadoms 200g


Mini Plain Papadoms 200g
Ingredients: Urid Dal, Salt, Papad khar (Sodium Bicarbonate), Asafoetida, Edible Oil.


Cooking Method:


 - Heat Oil in a medium size pan


 - Drop Top-Op Mini Plain Papad in Oil


 - Remove Mini Plain Papad immediately as it fries instantly


 - Allow excess Oil to drain / use paper Towel


 - Serve Mini Plain Papads with your choice of Pickles and Chutneys

Alternate Method: Place the papadoms onto a microwavable plate. Place the plate into the microwave. Heat it for less than 30 seconds. Check if they are ready and crisp. The papadoms are crispy and oil free!!!

Product of India.

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