Supermalt 330ml

BTK460 330mlkg



Supermalt is a malt drink that is non-alcoholic and caffeine free. It has a high content of B-vitamin, minerals and nutrients, and has a balance of carbohydrates that supposedly allows instant absorption. It is very dark brown in colour, and has a sweet flavour.

Non-alcoholic malt drinks can be made by either traditional brewing method, where barley is steeped into malt and then brews into a creamy, rich consistency, or made like a soft drink by using malt extract. Supermalt uses traditional brewing skills for all its non-alcoholic batches.

The main difference between non-alcoholic malt drinks with non-alcoholic beers is that malt drinks are usually sweet and always dark in colour. The sweet notes are a combination of naturally occurring glucose, fructose, saccharose, maltose and maltriose.

Supermalt is made solely from raw materials of vegetable origin, except for the B-vitamins, which are synthetic nature-identical ingredients. No raw materials from animal origin are used hence Supermalt should be suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Безалкохолна Малцова Напитка с Витамин В; 
Съдържание: Вода, ечемичен малц (10.1 % от общото количество течност), ечемик, захар, оцветител карамел (Е 150c), въглероден диоксид, женско биле, витамини: ниaцин (B3), тиамин (B1), пантотенова киселина (B5), рибофлавин (B2), витамин (B6);
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