Africa's Finest Palm Oil 1L

HRM400 1Lkg

Африкас Чисто Палмово Масло


  • 100% pure palm oil
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Product of Nigeria
  • No additives, colours or preservatives

Palm oil — also known as red palm oil — contains high amounts of saturated fat, vitamins, and antioxidants. If you see palm oil that’s colorless (also known as white palm oil), it means that it has been processed. The lack of color means it has been stripped off most of its nutritional properties.

Uses of Palm Oil

Some of the uses of red palm oil include:

·Cooking oil: Similar to coconut oil, palm oil is resistant to heat compared to other vegetable oils. Its stability also makes it easy to store at room temperature for many months.

·Tasty ingredient: Palm oil is used as an ingredient in soups and sauces, or as flavoring in certain dishes.

·Dietary supplement: Palm oil has a superior nutrient profile that makes it useful for supplementation.

·Personal care and household products: Palm oil is added to soaps and detergents, cosmetics, and other household products.

·Skin moisturizer: Due to its nutrient-dense profile, palm oil is beneficial for skin health. It is added to a number of skin care products.

·"Sunblock”: With its high levels of carotenes, red palm oil provides protection as a commercial sunblock with SPF15, but without the dangerous components.

·Biofuel: Palm oil is fast becoming a resource for biodiesel and as a fuel in electrical stations.

Benefits of Palm oil


The tocotrienols found in palm oil also help support the heart against stress, suggesting its protective properties against heart disease. Other cardiovascular benefits associated with palm oil consumption include:

·Improved blood circulation

·Regulated cholesterol levels

·Reduced free radical damage and inflammation

·Reduced blood pressure


Африкас Чисто Палмово Масло

Съдържание: палмово масло 100%; Без добавки, оцветители или консерванти; Подходящо за вегетарианци; Използвайте най-доброто чисто палмово масло в супи, за пържене и традиционни африкански торти; Произход: Нигерия; Разклатете преди употреба; Внимание: Не изливайте горещо олио обратно в бутилката; Годно до края на: и Парт.N: Виж маркировката; Съхранявайте на сухо и хладно място;

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