Heinz Salad Cream Squeezy 425g

HCS425 425kg
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Heinz Salad Cream Squeezy 425g

Салатен сос HEINZ



Heinz Salad Cream Squeezy 425g
Englands favourite salad dressing in easy squeeze bottle. Adds wonderful flavour to your salad.
The oldest and most popular manufactured salad dressing in Britain, has pleased families for decades. Try a bottle or two and become an instant fan.

This is the nations favourite salad cream adding a tasty creamy zing which will just about go with everything. Suitable for a gluten free diet. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.




Heinz® Salad Cream was the first brand developed exclusively for the U.K. market. When first created in Heinz’ Harlesden (London) kitchens in 1914 much of the preparation was done by hand. Salad Cream jars were hand-packed in straw-lined barrels- 12 dozen in each. The work schedule was 180 dozen jars a day- with a halfpenny a dozen bonus if our loyal, skilled workforce could beat the target.

A Heinz Classic, salad cream is a tasty way to liven up salads, sandwiches, baked potatoes, burgers and chips. The unique taste of Heinz® Salad Cream turns ordinary food into delicious dishes- instantly.




Spirit Vinegar, Vegetable Oil (25%), Water, Sugar, Mustard, Salt, Egg Yolks (3%), Modified Cornflour, Stabilisers (Guar Gum and Xanthan Gum), Colour (Riboflavin).


Allergies Information:

Contains Eggs, Egg Yolk & Mustard
Gluten free










Салатен сос HEINZ

Съдържание: Оцет, Растителнна мазнина(25%), Вода, Захар, Горчица, Яйчени жълтъци(4%), Модифицирано царевично брашно, Стабилизатори: Ксантанова дъвка и Гуард,

Оцветители: Рибофлавин, Консерванти: Калиев Сорбат, Подсладители- Aцесулфам Kалий

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