African Sun Uziza leaves 25g

TLW500 25gkg

Африкан Сън Листа Узиза 25гр


Also called:

Ikong Etinkinrin; Piper Clusii, Piper guineense (Scientific Name)

African Sun Uziza leaves are widely used in the African cuisine. The uziza plant has berries and leaves that are used for different purposes in cooking. Uziza leaves have a peppery taste and are traditionally used in soups.


·Finest quality dried uziza leaf

·Great peppery taste

·Ideally used in soups

·Rich source of vitamins and minerals

Uziza is an African plant, of which two parts are used: the leaves and the berries.

The leaves, which have a peppery taste, are pale green when fresh, and darker green when frozen, dried, or ground and dried.

The leaves, whether whole or ground, are used in soups. They are added to soups at the end of cooking, in the last 15 minutes.

The fresh leaves are usually washed and shredded before use.

Африкан Сън Листа Узиза 

Съдържание: сушени листа узиза; Да се консумира след термична обработка; Съхранявайте на хладно и сухо място;

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