Africa's Finest Egusi Ground 100g

BPT500 100kg

Африкас Мляни Семена Диня


Product Description

Native to Africa, these protein rich melon seeds is packed with nutrients and is popular in West African cooking. Prized for it’s thickening qualities for savory West African stews, it lends a distinctive and delicious nutty flavor to any dish it is added to.


Egusi Seeds - are the seeds of a highly nutritious type of water melon found widely in Africa and often used in soups from the region. It is a flat ovoid seed with a tapering pointed end, milky to white in colour.


Egusi soup is a kind of soup thickened with the ground seeds and popular in West Africa, with considerable local variation. Besides the seeds, water, and oil, egusi soup typically contains leaf vegetables, other vegetables, seasonings, and meat. Typical leaf vegetables for egusi soup include bitterleaf, celosia and spinach. Typical other vegetables include tomatoes and okra. Typical seasonings include chili peppers, onions, and locust beans. Typical meats include beef, goat, fish, shrimp, or crayfish.


Африкас Мляни Семена Диня
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