Dried Curry Leaves 20g


Сушени Листа Къри


The curry leaf tree grows in damp and hot parts of India. An essential ingredient in Indian cooking, curry leaves have an aromatic flavour and are often used alongside other spices to flavour curries. They are also often fried in oil as part of vegetable dishes and dhals to impart their wonderful, savoury aroma.

Curry leaves can be eaten or removed from food if preferred.

Produce of India

Ingredients: Dried curry leaves

Съдържание: сушени къри листа 100%;

Къри листата се добавят към супи, сосове и кърита докато врят за допълнителен аромат. Могат да се ядат или да се премахнат по предпочитание;

Произход: Индия;

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