Dried Shiitake Mushrooms 140g


Сушени гъби Шийтаке 140гр 


The mushrooms taste just like other mushrooms and do not require baking. They can be eaten by itself or in a meal, such as a soup or stew. Asians mostly use the mushrooms as a condiment for traditional dishes and they can also be used to make a broth.

Do not eat raw! Place the mushrooms in hot water at 80°C for at least 10 minutes. Then pur off and remove the water, and rinse the mushrooms under fresh, running water before use.

Origin: China

Метод на приготвяне: Не консумирайте сурови! поставете гъбите в гореща вода 80 С за поне 10мин. След това излейте водата и изплакнете гъбите с течаща вода преди употреба;

Произход: Китай

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