Borwicks Baking Powder 100g / Бакпулвер

SBP100 100kg

Borwicks Baking Powder 100g

Бакпулвер, पाक चूर्ण


Borwicks Baking Powder is a versatile raising agent for baking cakes, scones, pastries and puddings. Remember to always use quantities of Baking Powder as shown in your recipe.

If you run out of self raising flour, you can add Borwicks Baking Powder to plain flour and use as an alternative. Details of the quantities to use are given on the bottle.

पाक चूर्ण 


Бакпулвер 100г

Съдържание: Пшенично брашно, Набухватели: Киселинен натриев фирофосфат, Натриев бикарбонат;

Съдържа: Пшеница и Глутен



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