Yari Amla Shikakai Bhrami Oil 250ml 3in1


амла шикакай брахми масло


Description of Yari Amla Oil for hair growth

Amla oil is an oil composed of 3 essential oils for hair regrowth: shikaki, brahmi and amla oil.
This combination of 3 oils allows you to reap the full benefits of active hair repellents and root to tip repair.

The sebum is regulated, the tips repaired, the roots hydrated. The pileu bulb is reinforced application after application thanks to this oil.

Amla oil: it has been discovered and appreciated in India and Sri Lanka, by its vitamin A and E, and its regenerating, fortifying, soothing, shaping and living assets for each type of hair. The most damaged hair will be in good health.

It also helps fight against dandruff, and nourishes the hair deeply.

Its use is possible on the face, as a purifying mask. The mask must be rinsed well after use.

For the application, just have the oil on your hair, and penetrate the oil using massage. For the most damaged hair a time of installation of a night will be necessary, for less damaged, 30 minutes will suffice. Then shampoo as usual.
On the face, simply mix it with rose water, or rose oil and leave it as a mask, then wash your face gently with cold water.


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