Ginger Powder 100gms / Джинджифил на прах

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Джинджифил на прах


Джинджифил на прах, अदरक पाउडर

The name ''Ginger'' has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘singabera’ that means horn shaped in the language. A medicinal plant that is used to spice up food and in herbal concoctions to cure ailments, ginger is often known as the King of Spices in India, a country that believes in the power of Ayurveda.

Health Benefits
Prevents motion sickness and nausea: Ginger has a group of compounds known as Gingerols and Shogoals that help to control nausea. These act on the stomach directly instead of acting on the nervous system. It is believed that if you take ginger half an hour before you set out on your travel or journey, then it can prevent motion sickness.

Prevents indigestion: Another of the health benefits of ginger is that it stimulates the flow of the bile from the gallbladder and this in turn aids digestion.
It also relieves flatulence problems and can relax the muscles of the groin during menstrual cramps. If you eat some ginger before sitting for a meal, then it will prevent indigestion; while, taken after a meal, it helps in digestion.

Cures cough and cold: People in India brew their tea with crushed ginger and spices. This is not only a savory option, but it also soothes an itchy throat and helps to cure a cold.

Cancer prevention: It is believed that ginger may even be used to treat cancer in the future. Gingerol, one of the most important compounds in ginger, gives the herb a distinct flavor. This compound can stop the growth of the colorectal cancer cells that cause colorectal cancer. This phytonutrient is believed to kill ovarian cancer cells. Studies have shown that ginger has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and also has anti-tumor effect on cells.

Boosts the immune system: Ginger health benefits include promotion of healthy sweating, which is good during flu as this helps to detoxify the body. We’ve also seen the ginger tea health benefits earlier in the article. So, tea brewed with crushed ginger is more than a hearty beverage; it has medicinal and curative properties.

Ginger also treat other health problems like allergies, gout, colds, rheumatism, cardiac and cholesterol problems as well as gastric ulcers.

Thus, ginger is a herb that you must have at all times and include in your diet to remain healthy.

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