Onion Bhaji


UKís NO1 a must to eat Indian starter which is served in all Indian Restaurants in UK is now as easy to make with a few simple steps.




* Onion

* Gram Flour or chick pea flour

* Black pepper powder

* Ginger Powder

* Garlic Powder

* Salt

* Chili Powder

* Baking Powder

* Coriander leaves (optional)

* Oil for deep frying




Chop the onions into thin and long lengths of onions. Spread the chopped onions into a mixing bowl and sprinkle salt, black pepper, ginger powder, garlic powder, chili powder, baking powder over the chopped onions to just cover the top layer of the onions. Finally once all the ingredients are added to the bowl cover it all with GRAM FLOUR also known as CHICK PEAS FLOUR.


Now add some oil into a frying pan. Switch on the burner / electric plate to heat the oil.

While the oil is getting heated mix all the ingredients well to cover all the onions in the mixing blow with all the ingredients you had put into it. Add water to form a light batter. The mixture should not be watery or else the onions will not stick together. If you think there is too much water add some more gram flour.


Once the oil is heated and you have mixed the onions with all the spices and gram flour batter, start to take small quantity in between your fingers and thumb to make small balls. Donít worry about the shape. Slowly put the balls into the hot oil and start frying the mixture until golden brown.


Serve with a touch of mint sauce, Tamarind & Date chutney or with chili sauce. 


Warning: Do not touch the oil with your fingers or you will burn them. Alternatively use a table spoon.


Note: 2 medium size onions shall make around 10 onion bhajiís. If cooking for a large group, work in small quantities of maximum 10 onions to have a right mixture and taste.


 If you do not like chopping the onion and going through the hassle of making the mix then just buy the ready ONION BHAJI MIX OF GITS and follow the instructions on the pack.