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Shipping & Returns

Shipping, Handling and Returns: Sokoni Foods Europe Indian Spices and Food Romania and Bulgaria.

We are pleased to inform our simple and easy shipping and Return Policy

* Bulgaria, Romania and Greece only

-For all orders within Bulgaria
1) Under 50.00BGN the client will pay all costs involved to deliver the goods and the courier to handle the money meaning the cost of the product which we charge has to be paid which you will pay the courier and they will bring such money back to us...

2) Over 50.00BGN the client can receive the goods Free of delivery costs to any speedy office of the clients choice. Please note if the client does not pick the order on time and they are extra costs for handling and storage which the courier charges it should be paid by the client. Plus a 3% charge for the courier to handle the money. (see point 1 for explanation)
3) over 75.00BGN Delivery Free but payment via card (PAYPAL) or cash on delivery will incur a surcharge of 3% of the value of the order.
4) If the client wants a different delivery company other than speedy than the client will have to pay all costs directly to the courier company no matter the value of the order.
If the client order is under 50.00BGN and the delivery costs is over 10.00BGN we will charge a flat fee to the client and pay the difference in which case we will inform the client of the same.

5) For All Orders within Romania over 50Euros FREE DELIVERY while payment via card (PAYPAL) a surcharge of 5% of your order value will be added or via cash on delivery 6% surcharge shall apply and payment to be done in lei only as courier will not take any other currency.

6) For Greece (mainland only) we deliver FREE all orders over 50Euros while payment shall be done prior to dispatch of your orders. Payment handling fees of 5% shall be applied to all orders. For Greece Islands we will be happy to quote depending on the order value and pack size.

* Cash on Delivery option for Bulgaria and Romania only. Credit Card payments will be done via PAYPAL and such will incur a surcharge of 5% as Paypal charge us on every transaction a minimum amount plus their bank transfer fees are not cheap as well as exchange rates are never the same as high street banks.

If you are in any of the European union Countries and you shop over 500Euros we will send you your orders free of Delivery costs which means you only pay for the products and not the shipment

For the following countries and destination we have even more special offer
1) Bulgaria Free if you collect from our shop in Varna no minimum order.
2) Romania Free and no minimum order when you collect on the days we deliver to Bucharest only.

What we need from you with your order is your Full names (minimum 2 First and last), Full Address with street name and number as well as postal code, (if you are in a block of apartments than we need the apartment number, the floor number, the entrance number, the street number and the street name) Contact phone numbers minimum 2, email address and any other special instructions you might have for us or the courier company
Turkey (Istanbul Only) once every 4 weeks we delivery for 10Euro no matter how small or large your order

If you want to take advantage of our FREE Shipping send us your full order via our website www.mysupermarketbulgaria.com or email it to: info@sokoni.eu and send us your full contact details. We will check the order and resend a confirmation to you regarding the products we have in stock with the latest prices.

For latest product and price list always visit www.sokoni.eu/products.htm

Awaiting your order and looking forward for you to try our services.
Sokoni Food specialist in Indian food and spices, British , African food from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan Food and spices, Food Other Far Eastern Countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand. We do  also carry cosmetics, handicrafts from India such as, Bags, shoes, clothe, jewellery from India and small gift items such as God and Goddess Statue, stone items, incense sticks and holders, tibetan singing bowls, gong, happy drum, . for more information on our vast range of products please write to us on info@sokoni.eu

Please note we are happy to replace any item you are not satisfied with but prior to return and replace please contact us on phone +35952699229 or via email on info@sokoni.eu or welcome your self to our store and we need to know clearly what is wrong with the product you have purchased and the date you purchased the product. Failure to prove that the product you have purchased has a processing fault we will not replace the product.

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